Accredited Auditor for ISO 30401:2018

Knowledge Management System Standard
from ICEE

About Me

I am an Accredited ISO 30401 KM Auditor and Certifier- ICEE, US with over 20 years of experience in developing KM strategy, solutions, Framework, models and KM Products for organizations. I have worked across a wide range of industries implementing Knowledge Management programs using various technologies and practices/methods as well as leading KM from scratch and implementing multiple KM programs in multiple companies. On top of it, I have worked extensively on ISO 9001 Org Knowledge, AutoSPICE KM and MIKE requirements in organizations.
I am an ISO 20000 Internal Auditor Certified, ITIL Foundation Certified; Certified Knowledge Manager – KM Institute, US; Member and Fellow of Innovation and Knowledge Exchange, UK.

E-Master....E-master !!!

Why the name E-master? I acquired this name from my colleagues after I had designed a knowledge portal off work hours during the initial days of my career. The motivation behind the development of this idea was simple; the need of the hour!
Any technical/Non-Technical Customer Support centre needs to address the customer query within a few seconds. You also need to resolve the technical issues by finding the root cause and solving it within strict timelines. The challenge was browsing through numerous manuals, websites and documents to find the right information. All I did was to collate every content needed from every source for every query and made it available online to the team. Within no time, all my colleagues started using it and nicknamed me “E-master”. That’s how my journey began in the field of Knowledge management, way long before I ever heard the word “Knowledge Management.”
It all sprouted with a few simple questions.

Ever since those days to recent times, the challenges in the organizations are fundamentally the same and has only increased multifold with the sophistication of technology. The need remains the same; however, the questions keep changing in every role!

Accredited Auditor for ISO 30401 Standard

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For Stronger Knowledge-based-Economies and Societies ;
Design Knowledge Management System
– A Practical Guide to implement Knowledge Management Standards

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