Santhosh Shekar's Knowledge Management Book - Launch Team

The book draws 20+ years of KM Experience from author to provide easy steps to implement KM in whatever role you play in your organization. With the Pandemic, it has become critical for individuals, teams and organizations to manage their knowledge in digital platforms more effectively; and establish knowledge sharing culture and ecosystem deliberately to provide inclusiveness while working from home.

At the same, entrepreneurs, startups, small scale, medium scale industries and large scale corporates should focus on empowering individual roles by developing knowledge infrastructure, such that any knowledge one needs, should be visible in digital domain; any knowledge one needs, should be shared by right person when asked, every organization should develop itself as learning organization, so that it can be resilient to market forces and reinvent itself in the face of toughest economical conditions.

Knowledge Management provides that path, to harness the power of intellectual capital within an organization, it provides an focused approach for leadership to understand and empower knowledge workers to develop and design their own KM infrastructures, establish communities of practices, enriching experiential sharing conversations

How can I contribute being in Launch team ?
1. Please buy the book on Amazon Kindle ( will send the email to you with all the details)
2. Read the book, if it provides new insights or new knowledge to you, then and then only provide your Reviews on the amazon website, so that others could also benefit.
3. Spread the word about the book in your professional Circles after Full Launch of the book in Jan 2021.

Thank you very much for your time !!